SpellingCity.Com ~ Update

So, I’ve been attempting to familiarize myself with SpellingCity.Com. We’re all about vocabulary and spelling in our home – both my husband and I competed in spelling competitions when we were school aged. Our six year old is already showing signs of being very competent in the areas of spelling, grammar and vocabulary, so I welcomed the chance to receive a free membership to SpellingCity in return for a review of their program.

I set up our account and attempted to learn just how the site works. Right off the bat, it became clear that this was a site that was going to be best suited for actual spelling (in a classroom setting) teachers. Having homeschooled for well over a year now, I knew I could handle it, however.

All I would need to do is check out the FAQ…so I did…and unfortunately, all of the help/tutorials are videos. (many, many videos.) I share office space with my husband who makes numerous outbound phone calls all day, creating a situation where we have to take turns, so to speak, with some of our projects. (Regular homeschooling time is one such project.) Learning this program wasn’t going to be impossible…just difficult. And as an on-the-go kind of mama, I typically steer clear of “difficult.”

I’m four weeks in, and I’m still not as comfortable with the site as I could be – but PLEASE do not misunderstand. I HOPE and PLAN to become familiar and comfortable with this program because I AM such a lover of spelling! And the way I see homeschooling, is that it’s just as much of a learning experience for ME as it is my daughter, so backing out of this program is not an option. Since I am reviewing the program, however, I feel it’s important for the creators to know that this website is not as user-friendly as it could be. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who, upon learning I homeschool, ask for advice and recommendations. Most people are looking for ease of program as well as affordability. This program would be better off being just a little easier to dive into.

I will be more equipped to give an actual review of how things work once I fully understand them, myself! And I will!

I appreciate the good folks at SpellingCity, offering chances like this, to people like me. It is my hope that they take my critique in the spirit in which it is intended, and appreciate my take on their program.

I love being able to homeschool my daughter and to help others get started with homeschooling, too, so providing links to easy, effective and affordable programs is something I am committed to continuing to do.

Learn spelling and vocabulary


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