Is Reiki right for your child?

As an admitted Reiki enthusiast, I could talk for hours about the benefits of Reiki, so to me it’s a “no brainer” when speaking about the benefit of Reiki for children. However, I have noticed that the topic of Reiki and children is, sometimes, overlooked or perhaps avoided altogether. (To be fair, however, the majority of Reiki websites and resources absolutely do include children, yet a lot of the time it’s about whether or not kids should be attuned to Reiki, and not really so much about them receiving healing Reiki energy.)

First, I want to address the idea of attuning a child to Reiki. Depending on who you ask, you will most likely get one of two answers:

1. A child shouldn’t be attuned to Reiki until they are of age to choose it for themselves.

2. Attuning a child to Reiki is a great idea!

I believe that this is a very personal matter. My daughter was attuned to first degree Usui Reiki when she was 18 months old. She has since received two other attunements. She will be four years old this Summer. While attuning our daughter to Reiki was right for our family, it may not feel right in other families. My daughter is usually in the same room with me when I am studying Reiki or other energy modalities, and seems to have a very good grasp as to what is going on. She understands that when she doesn’t feel good that I should “give her Reiki.” She also knows that when others don’t feel good, she should ask to give them Reiki. Just being in her presence when I am under the weather is very healing–and this is NOT because she is a calm and serene child by nature. Quite the contrary! She has been a ball of fire since the day she was born – she could wear the Tasmanian Devil out! But she knows what to do when it comes to offering *healing to a person. I know in my heart of hearts that she has, within her, the capacity to be a very empathetic healer. (My husband and I suspect her to be a Crystal Child, and we have reason to think that we are both adult Indigo Children.)

I have, in all honestly, studied a lot more about Kundalini Reiki, than traditional Usui Reiki. While I don’t “prefer” one over the other, I actually, in many cases feel more confident when I am performing a Kundalini Reiki healing. However, I have read, quite a bit, that one shouldn’t attune a child to Kundalini Reiki until age 8, at the earliest. Because of my own personal experiences with Kundalini energy, I have actually held off on attuning my daughter to Kundalini Reiki. I don’t see the need for it, honestly. She is already attuned to Reiki, and perhaps when she is older, she will not resonate with the particular style of Kundalini Reiki. I believe that this may be the reason that so many in the Reiki community suggest holding off on attuning children.

Just because attuning children is somewhat of a taboo subject doesn’t mean that giving children Reiki treatments should be, however, and this is actually the purpose of this blog. In upcoming posts, I will offer attunements to parents and caregivers for the purpose of soothing their children.

Until then, what are the benefits of giving Reiki to children?

Reiki promotes pain relief (colic, teething, “growing pains”), relaxation (backwards sleeping schedules), a positive environment, and much more.

I have met many parents who have been frustrated from these things and more, who are at their wit’s end, as to what to do. Trying Reiki in these situations certainly cannot and will not hurt anything! If nothing else, it can offer a few moments of serenity to a frustrated parent who cannot seem to offer a solution to their equally frustrated child.

To sum up, regarding the title of this post, my answer would be a resounding “Yes. Reiki IS right for your child, as Reiki is right for all inhabitants of the Universe.”

In this age where people are all too quick to diagnose and medicate the children of this world, it is my hope that we can take measures to go back to more natural and holistic ways of care for our youth as well as ourselves.

It is my honest opinion that including Reiki into our lives, is a beautiful way to do just that.

*The suggestion of Reiki as a form of healing is not intended to be a replacement for regular medical care. If your child is not well, please see your regular healthcare practitioner for a diagnosis and treatment plan.


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